Reservations for Weight Training / Cardio Sessions

Due to current state regulations, we can only allow a maximum of 40 members to use the facility at one time
as well as 30 minutes between sessions for sanitization purposes.

⚠️ Please read our facility guidelines before visiting the gym »

Please use the form below to check availability and reserve your one-hour time slot in the gym.
You can reserve one hour at a time during club opening hours 4:30 am to 8:30 pm each day.

Please be considerate of other members and only make up to two reservations at a time.
SAC reserves the right to cancel reservations if we feel this policy is being abused.

If you are unable to utilize the time that you have reserved, PLEASE LET US KNOW so that we can release the time slot for another member.
Please inform Ted via email:

Please be sure to click on “Confirm Your Reservation” on the third tab.

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