Gym Re-Opening Phase 1

Welcome back to SAC & HHF!

We’ve missed our tremendous members so much and can’t wait to see you all! I think we can all agree this is the most unique and challenging time in our country‘s recent history. I always look for silver linings and during this I have found many to hold onto and I hope you have as well.


It’s not something most of us in the business world have done before and what a challenge it is! With the limitations placed upon us, it has been particularly challenging and as much as we just wanna bust out and say “We are back 100%!”, unfortunately at this time we are not able to. We sincerely want to thank all of our members for your loyalty and the many many messages and well wishes we have received throughout the few months that we’ve been closed. It has meant the world to us.

I look forward to getting the process of re-opening started. It is not the way I necessarily would’ve planned it, but I will be a good soldier and follow the guidelines the state has mandated.


Beginning June 1: 

SAC & HHF will be staffed from 7am to 6pm M-Th and Sat 8am-12pm so that our ‘current members’ can visit us to discuss the following safety measures described below as well as the details of what WILL and WILL NOT be available to you during Phase 1 of our reopening. We will not be providing details or answering questions via social media or email so please visit us to find out more regarding the specifics of what is being allowed so we can help you better understand our ‘Old Normal with Adjustments’ as they are very specific and will be better explained in person. Additionally this gives us an opportunity to show you the modified layout of the facilities as well as the foot-traffic flow.

Personal Trainers will begin 1-on-1 training by appointment during the first week of June. Any member wishing to have a complimentary Personal Training Session with one of our many amazing Trainers can email or to secure one of the limited sessions available.  These sessions will be filled on a first come first serve basis and will be a great opportunity to learn something new and get off on the right foot! . Our group exercise classes will remain virtual through Zoom for at least the first week of June before we launch our limited in-house class schedule. Silver Sneakers specifically will stay on Zoom until further notice.

June 8th is our target date to have some normalcy regarding workouts, pool etc. We can’t wait!


Things you need to know before entering SAC/HHF during our Phase 1 of reopening. 

    1. All staff will be wearing masks while in the building. All staff have been trained using the CDC guidelines and are there to help you our valued members to adjust to the new procedures.
    2. You know HHF & SAC were ultra clean and sanitized prior to our temporary closure. Our high standards will continue indefinitely for our members continued safety and health.
    3. Members entering the building must first use the hand sanitizer dispensers in the vestibules before entering the lobby and must be wearing a face-covering when checking in. The face covering  may be removed once you leave the lobby to begin your workout.
    4. Every member will grab a personal spray bottle from the ‘sanitation table’ in the lobby to be used during their workouts to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces used PRIOR TO and IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING use.
    5. Additional ‘Sanitation Stations’ have been installed through the facilities and are well marked.
    6. There are blue arrows on the floor directing a flow of foot traffic but should be adhered to in every circumstance except in cases of emergency where we must exit the building.
    7. Locker rooms including showers will be open, saunas will be closed until further notice.
    8. Childcare will not be available until further notice.
    9. Per state mandate Racquetball will not be permitted during phase 1.
    10. The pool is available for single lane swimming by reservation only.
    11. Per state orders, no out of state residents can become ‘new members’  during Phase 1 but ‘current’ out of state members are allowed to return to the club.
    12. No members should enter the club that:
      1. Have any symptoms of Covid-19 or any other infectious illness.
      2. Have a temperature of 100.4 or greater.
      3. Has been in close contact in the last 14 days with ANY individual who has Covid-19.
      4. Has traveled in the past 14 days either internationally, by cruise ship, or by plane, train or bus outside of NH, VT or ME.
      5. Water fountains are disabled. Bring your own water or purchase from our cooler.
  1. Members should arrive ready to work out wearing exercise clothing and sneakers to minimize time spent in the facility.
  2. Towel service is temporarily suspended so please bring your own workout and bath towels.
  3. The club(s) will no longer provide yoga mats so please bring your own preferably with your name on it.
  4. Seating has been minimized and should be used by members only when absolutely necessary and disinfected after use by the member.
  5. We love to hear about your life and socialize with our members but this will have to wait a bit longer. So please, no loitering, workouts only at this time…. you know we love yah!
  6. No shakes will be made during Phase 1, only bottled and canned pre & post workout drinks can be purchased.
  7. The main entrance will be used for solely that, entering. All members exiting the building should use one of the two side doors, one by the cardio deck and the other through the abs room.
  8. We are not taking our enhanced rules and regulations lightly. Any member not following ANY of the safety measures we have put in place will be reminded/warned to follow policy. The second discussion will be the termination of membership and a 3 month ban from our two facilities.  We do not want to do this so PLEASE follow these important rules.


We so look forward to seeing you all soon!

Ted and Staff