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Young at Heart (YAH) –An SAC program for those 60+

Contact: Kathy Kres, Young at Heart Director for information

YAH is more than just exercise. It’s one of the many ways Salem Athletic Club is so different from any other facility.  Friendship and social activities are equally beneficial to our overall health and well-being. Oh YAH, this is for you!

Class Descriptions


This class consists of aerobics, upper and lower body strengthening and range of motion with laughter to add spice to your workout. This is a great place to start and it’s a great workout.

Line Dancing

This class is designed to learn the newest line dances and to get a good workout. It’s one hour of fun!

Dance Aerobics

This class is for you if you like to shake it up a little! We use fun music and easy to learn dance moves to add some “groove” to your aerobics class.

Tai Chi

This class will teach you the basic Tai Chi postures in a low intensity, beginner class. This class focuses on flexibility, strength and balance.

4 B’s Cardio & Strength

This class is for members of all abilities and involves a cardio component and a strength component.  Both classes are designed to stress and strengthen the bones by stressing the muscles.  Balance work is a major part of this program, working on hip and glute strength with fun and functional moves for Better Bones, Balance and Backs! ***Please bring your own exercise mat, if needed***