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Workout On The Go

Warm Up(no equipment)

-Basic Squat (12 reps)

-Lunge w/ high knee (6 per leg)

-Push Ups (10 reps)

-Jumping Jacks (1min)

-Side Bends (12 each side)

-Trunk Twist (30secs)

1. Side Steps(with tubing)
Step on tubing, feet hip width apart, cross tubing into “X” shape, squat down, step to right, bring left leg in. Continue 4
steps, switch sides. (3 sets)
2. Hip Adductions(with tubing)
Wide feet, place left foot in handle of tubing and hold other end with left hand. With arms out to create tension, sweep left leg across right leg and back to neutral. Continue for 12 reps, switch legs. (2 sets)
3. High Knees(no equipment)
High knee running in place (30secs)
4. Romanian Deadlifts(with loop)
With loop above knees, hip hinge position, soft knees, lift leg all the way back & return to neutral. Continue for 12 reps, switch legs. (2 sets)
5. Sprinter(no equipment)
Right leg lunge forward, right leg lunge back as right hand touches the floor. Continue for 12 reps, switch legs. (2 sets)
6. Bicycle Wall Sits(no equipment)
With back slide down till thighs are parallel to the floor, legs bent at 90degrees, bicycle right leg for 30secs, switch and
bicycle left leg for 30secs.
7. Seated Reverse Grip Rows(with tubing)
Sit on floor with legs out straight, wrap tube around feet twice, hold handles with palms up, row arms back to 90degrees, squeezing shoulder blades together. Continue for 12 reps. (2 sets)
8. Butt Kickers(no equipment)
Run in place while kicking heels to glutes.
9. Cable Cross Over(with tubing)
Step on tubing, hold handles with palms facing in, bring arms above naval & cross arms at wrist, bring arms back down to side. Continue with hands alternating for 12 reps. (2 sets)
10. Mountain Climbers(no equipment)
In plank position, arms and legs straight, squeeze glutes, pull shoulders away from ears, in a running motion alternate pulling left leg and right leg into chest. (30secs)
11. Side-to-side push ups(with loop)
Place loop around wrists, in plank position, hands under shoulders, step right hand out to the side then return and do 1 push up, repeat with left. Continue for 6 reps on each side.

12. Plank Jack(no equipment)
In straight arm plank position, feet together, jump feet wide, then jump feet together. (30secs)
13. Over Head Press(with tubing)
While standing, step on center of tubing with one foot, hold handles with palms out and elbows at 90degrees, press up and bring hands together overhead. Continue for 12 reps. (2 sets)
14. Tricep Kickback w/ Pulse(with tubing)
While standing step on center of tubing, hinge hips back, chest and upper arms parallel to floor, neutral spine, palms in, elbows at 90degrees. While keeping elbows stationary “kickback” weight, moving forearms only. Continue for 12 reps. Then, repeat for 12 more reps with small and quick movements(Pulse).
15. Burpees
Squat down and place hands on floor in front, jump both feet back, push up to plank, jump feet back in towards hands and stand up straight. Continue for 10-12 reps.
16. Bicep Curls(with tubing)
Step on center of tubing with both feet, elbows at 90degrees, palms up in handles, with elbows stationary, bring hands towards front of shoulders and slowly release down. Continue for 12reps (3 sets), on third set, bring arms to 90degrees and do small and quick movements(Pulse).
17. Jump Lunge(no equipment)
Start in forward lunge with both knees at 90degrees, torso kept upright and straight. Explosively push off the ground, switching position of legs and landing in opposite lunge position. (15secs)
18. Calf Raises(no equipment)
Stand with feet hip distance apart, lift heels up and lower without heels touching the floor, Continue for 12 reps. (2 sets) Next, place one foot on opposite shin, lift and lower standing leg, keeping heels off floor. Continue for 12 reps, switch feet and repeat. Then, legs out wide, toes pointed outward, lift heels and pulse. Continue for 12 reps.
19. Abdominals(no equipment)
Crunches – Sit tall, knees bent, feet flat, lean back then curl up and down in small movements with palms up and arms out straight. Continue for 12 reps. (2 sets)
Plank – Straight arms plank for 1minute
Hip Raises – Lay on back, knees bent, feet flat, lift hips up and slowly lower down. Continue for 15 reps.
Cobra Push Ups – Lay face down, hands flat on floor, lift chest up to straight arms, arching your back then lower yourself. Continue for 10 reps.

Stretches(no equipment) Hold each stretch for 15seconds
– Bring one leg forward(bent), other leg straight back(half lunge), as you bring arm across your chest, hold arm with
opposite arm. Repeat with other side.
– Standing straight up, raise arm overhead, bend elbow and reach your palm towards the center of your back, keeping
elbow close to ear, Repeat with other arm.
– Standing straight up, bend one knee back and grab your foot behind you. bring foot close to glute and lean forward
slightly to feel stretch, Repeat with other leg.
– Standing straight up, place ankle over opposite knee, lower hips and hold. Repeat with other leg.