Laughter is the Best Medicine

February 27th, 2015
by Kidz Klub Director

According to the dictionary, laughter is “the sounds and movements that our bodies make when we find something funny”.
Some people laugh loudly and throw themselves around.
Some people laugh quietly and may even cover their mouths with their hands.
We may laugh in different ways but one thing is the same – when one person laughs, others hear and want to know what is happening so they can join in.

Why laughter is good for your health
• Laughter releases a chemical called serotonin (say sera-tow-nin) into our brains. This is often called the ‘feel good’ hormone because that is the
effect it has on our feelings.
• Laughter is a way we can be a part of a group and it can make us feel more comfortable with others.
• Laughter stops us feeling stressed and leads to our bodies working better and feeling relaxed.
• Researchers have found that laughter can also help our immune system work better, and this means that we can fight diseases better.

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