Have you met Nanci?

March 18th, 2015
by Joanne Casazza

We would like to introduce you to Nanci Charney, one of our newest instructors. She teaches Yoga at 5:30pm on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Nanci left a career in competitive intelligence to turn her passion for
yoga into a full time career. Nanci appreciates the restorative and
transformative benefits of yoga as a moving meditation. She shares yoga with
athletes (hockey players specifically), senior citizens, expectant moms,
and the general population. She is skilled in gentle stretching, Vinyasa
Fusion style yoga, and power yoga.

Nanci is originally from NYC/NJ. She has a BS in TV radio film production
and also a BS in Marketing. She’s worked in radio, as a matchmaker and also
a makeup artist. Her daughter is college, currently studying in London. Her
son is a Center on a select hockey team. Her cat is practicing his downward

Nanci invites beginning yogis to join in! No experience is necessary. All
you need to know how to do is breathe! Nanci’s classes include
stretching, strengthening, balancing and a restorative meditation at the end.

Don’t say you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible. That’s like saying
you can’t lift weights because you’re not strong! Try it and see what you

Nanci’s yoga mantra is: “Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about
what you learn on the way down.”