Food Lies to Avoid

May 7th, 2014
by Joanne Casazza

Could you unknowingly be ruining your healthy eating plan by telling yourself these little white lies?

Food Lie#1 I need to snack frequently to keep my metabolism up.

You may have heard thet you shouldn’t wait too long between meals to prevent your body from going into “starvation mode”- a time when your body conserves calories to prevent depleting its energy stores. Think back to the caveman days when humans wouldn’t eat for days; their bodies would become efficient at holding on to what they ate so they could survive until the next successful hunt. The theory is that this may be happening on a smaller scale when you wait too long to eat.

So you try to prevent this scenario and overcompensate by making sure you eat something every few hours. the problem is, if you’re attempting to eat several mini-meals throughout the day, the calories add up. Even a couple of energy bars throughot the day can add an extra 500 calories which could cause a body-fat gain of 1 pound per week! You may think the bar is keeping your metabolism revved up- but even if it is, the additional caloric burn won’t contribute 500 calories (or even close to that!) each day.

Solution: If there is more than for to five hours between your lunch and dinner, allow yourself one small fiber and protein filled, mid afternoon snack-but no more.

…to be continued. Check back for more food lies to avoid.