Food Lie #2

May 9th, 2014
by Joanne Casazza

Food Lie #2: I can eat whatever I want because I just burned a lot of calories during my workout. Although the treadmill or elliptical may tell you that you burned 800 calories, this is usually not true. Unless you weigh 200 pounds and run for an hour, you won’t burn close to that amount of calories. If you are eating without much restraint afer a workout, this is likely having a negative effect on your waistline. For many people, not only do they rationalize that they can eat a lot of food after a workout, they also feel hungrier after working out and tell themselves it’s because they burned a lot of calories. Unfortunately, appetite after a workout tends to increase to a much greater degree than the amount of calories you actually burned.

Solution: Eat to fuel your workout, not to replace the calories you think you burned. If you notice that your hunger increases a lot after you exercise be sure to drink extra water and full up on veggies to help satisfy your appetite withour consuming too many calories.

…to be continued. Check back for more food lies to avoid.

excerpted from article by Tammy Lakatos Shames and Elysse Lakatos, the Nutrition Twins, are twin sisters and nationally recognized registered dieticians and personal trainers with 15 years of experience.