Biggest Loser? Diet vs. Exercise

August 28th, 2017
by Charlene Morin, Fitness Consultant & Personal Trainer

We all know that diet and exercise are two key components to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So in regards to weight loss, which method, diet or exercise, will lead to the biggest changes on the scale?

The answer is diet! It’s a lot easier to eat 1000 calories than it is to burn 1000 calories. For example you could eat a piece of cake that was a 1000 calories, with not much nutritional value to you, but then you would have to take 1 BODYPUMP™ class and a BODYSTEP™ class to burn as much.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the key to weight loss success. Of course exercise helps the process in achieving your goals by increasing your lean tissue and burning fat. Once you reach your goal, physical activity is critical in maintaining a healthy weight.

SAC can help you with both nutrition and exercise through our many fitness programs available.

*(excerpted via Les Mills International)