Child proofing your medications

January 8th, 2015
by Kidz Klub Director
More than 50,000 children are seen in the emergency room each year because of medicine poisoning. This includes accidental overdose of over the counter medications. Most of these accidents happen when a child is left unattended and gets into medicine that are to easily available.
Here are some tips for child proofing your medications:


  • Store medicine out of reach (and out of sight) of small children
  • Do not keep medicine in purses or night stands (or keep purses out of reach as well)
  • Do not limit medications to just oral remedies. Diaper rash creams, eye drops, ear drops, and vitamins can be just as dangerous, if they are ingested by children.
  • Use the measuring cups (dosing cups) that are intended for medicine to prevent overdosing. Never use kitchen teaspoons as a means of measuring.
  • Do not give young children adult medicine at smaller doses. Some medicines are not intended for children and can cause more damage.
  • Put the toll-free Poison Help Number into your home and cell phone: 1-800-222-1222 –
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