10,000 Steps Made Easy

June 17th, 2014
by Joanne Casazza

For years experts have been saying we should all take at least 10,000 steps a day. this number has been linked to improved cardio health, lower blood pressure and even ideal body weight. But according to one recent study, Americans are falling short of that goal, logging in just 5,117 steps daily on average. But there are plenty of easy ways to meet the mark. Grab your pedometer and try these tactics:

Take the stairs up two floors (and back) 76 +
March in place during prime-time commercials 2,040 +
Pace during work calls 900 +
20-minute midday walk 2,000 +
Walk dog for 25 minutes 2,500 +
Grocery shop for 40 minutes 2,680 +
= 10,196 STEPS

excerpted from Health Magazine