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A reflection from an SAC member:

“I’ve been a member for a while and I just wanted to keep it simple: get some exercise and lose some weight. So when fitness consultant, Charlene Morin told me about the SAC Fitness assessment program, I wasn’t interested. I didn’t want to take the time and I didn’t really need it anyway. Guys don’t read manuals on how to put stuff together, and I certainly didn’t need instructions on working out, right?

But I soon realized that ‘just getting exercise and losing weight’ might have been an admiral goal but I had no ‘plan.’  I was just guessing at my health status (not a good thing) and just guessing at the right things to do for my concept of results. I found myself wandering through the various rooms and trying machines and equipment I knew nothing about. I ‘guess’ I made a mistake because I became so frustrated I was ready to give it up. Danged machines!

Then I overheard some other members saying they got assessed and what a difference it made for them. We talked, and their opinions (and their results – both men and women) made me reconsider the value of an assessment. Plus, you get a free t-shirt so I scheduled one for the shirt. (Only kidding, but I do like the shirt!)

It was easy and even fun; but most of all it gave me the direction I lacked and now I’m seeing the results I always wanted. And a bonus is Charlene monitors my results to keep me on track. Hey, I was wrong a few other times in my life (although I can’t remember them, lol).”