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What to wear in the pool?

  • Masks, armbands and other floating devices are not allowed during lessons.
  • Long hair should be pulled back or put in a bathing cap.
  • We do not recommend goggles or water shoes for our younger swimmers. However, goggles are recommended for Level 4 & above classes.
  • •Swim diapers or rubber pants must be worn by children who are not 100% toilet trained and may be purchased at the Front Desk. (No conventional diapers)

Where can we change?

There are two locker rooms; one for men the other for women. In cases where Dad’s are bringing daughters or Mom’s are bringing sons we offer alternate dressing rooms: unisex bathrooms located upstairs in the pool viewing area, across from the front desk, and the “Surf Shack” located in the pool area. Children over the age of five are not allowed in the opposite sex locker room!

Where can parents watch?

We have found that having parents down on our pool deck is not only distracting to our classes but also poses a safety risk (especially with younger siblings running around). Parents are welcome to watch their child’s class from the pool viewing area, located upstairs. Toys and books are available for siblings.

Younger children should be escorted into the pool area where they are to sit on the white benches until the instructors take attendance. The instructors will then get them into the shower and pool together, as a class.

What if I miss a class?

Due to our instructor/child ratio, we do not offer makeup classes. Weekend pool passes are available from your instructor if you have missed a lesson. SAC Kidz Credit or Family Pool Pass will be issued for absences due to sickness. (A doctor’s note may be required)

If the club has made the decision to close due to weather conditions such as snow or lightning and your class is cancelled, compensation will be given for the missed class.

What level should I put my child in this year?

The best method for placing a child in the right class is to have the child tested by one of our instructors. We will have your child run through some of the skills to determine their appropriate class level. A lifeguard is normally available to test the students on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00-3:00 pm. Please call the pool department for availability of the lifeguard for testing.

My child is three years old. Can he take the Preschool Class?

Some three-year-olds do great in a Preschool class. If your three year old isn’t afraid of the water, is comfortable leaving their parents, and will follow directions of the teacher they can be enrolled in a Preschool class. There are some older children that do not meet this criteria. As such, the children did much better when placed in a Parent and Child Level 2 class. A child will learn faster if they are comfortable with the adult in the water.

Other Notes

  • Please arrive five minutes before your lesson.
  • Children are not allowed to enter the pool without the instructor, please have children sit on the bench until the instructor is ready to take them into the pool.
  • •Food, drinks and gum are not allowed on the pool deck or in the locker rooms. Snacks are allowed in the front lobby only.
  • Band-Aids are not allowed in the pool.
  • Children must leave the pool when their class ends to make room for the next class.

In order to help our swim classes run smoothly, we would like to inform our newcomers and update returning parents on our current pool policies.

We are now offering The Kidz Club to nonmembers who wish to take swim lessons and need a place for their children to have fun. The cost will be $40.00 per child for eight one hour visits to the Nursery. Payment must be made with your swim lesson registration fee.