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M-W: 4:30am – 10pm;
Th&F: 4:30am – 9pm;
S&S: 6am – 5pm
Open Columbus Day 4:30am-10pm

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Over the years

Our first club, the Manchester Court Club, opened in Manchester, NH in 1976. It featured racquetball and the assistant general manager, Al Parchuck, was the resident racquetball pro.

On March 7, 1980 (Al’s birthday!) we opened a second club in Salem, NH and it was solely a racquetball club.

Al became General Manager and we featured 8 racquetball courts. It was a great place for adults to play racquetball and socialize. In fact, it was a place that many of the community came just to socialize as we had a full service bar! We also served breakfast and lunch.

As the face of fitness changed, we began to change the look of the Club. We added a gym in 1982 and the pool in 1985. Over the years we have changed the interior of the Club to mirror  currents trends. Example: we took the gym and changed it to our strength room. It is now big, open, and airy.

Salem Athletic Club is now one of the most popular athletic clubs in southern NH. We are leaders in Les Mills group exercise programs, American Red Cross swimming, and fitness for the Young at Heart. Our Pro Fitness Assessment program and Healthy Care 90-Day Commit to Get fit program are setting standards in the industry. We have proudly highlighted all our programs and services in this website for your review.

And we are a family run business. In 2001, my son and I launched a club in Portsmouth NH. He is now the sole owner of NH Seacoast Sports Clubs, a group of five fabulous clubs. The family connection is important to us because we see our members as an extension of our health conscious family. Our management team is on location and our office doors are always open to our members.

Today our mission is “We’re Here For Your Life.” It means we want to help you be as healthy as possible for the rest of your life and that we have been here for a lifetime! Well that last part might be an exaggeration, but if feels that way!

We love what we do and we welcome you to become part of the Salem Athletic Club family.

Suzi Parker, President